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Angebotene Arbeiten

Analog Verification FlowH. GräbAnalog-EDA
Integration of feedback structure in an automatic initial sizing toolI. AbelAnalog-EDA
Advanced RISC-V ISS Coverage Metrics Solutions (at MinRES)D. Müller-G.High-Level-Modellierung
Timing Models for Ultra-fast Host-compiled Simulation of Embedded SoftwareD. Müller-G.High-Level-Modellierung
different topics on biochip testingA. Bernardini
Classification of Blood Cells using Deep Learning MethodsD. Müller-G.
Enabling Full Automation for Code Generation from ISA DescriptionsR. Stahl
Static Code Analysis Topics with C++R. Stahl
Control layer optimization for flow-based microfluidic routing fabricY. Moradi

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In Bearbeitung

Extension of an automatic initial sizing tool for analog circuits to support three stage op ampsI. Abelreserved
Implementing the Gm/Id-Methode in an automatic sizing tool for analog circuitsI. Abelreserved
Testing of different optimization algorithms for solving the initial sizing problem of analog circuitsI. AbelBharatendu Soumil
Test Generation for Digital Circuits with Wave-PipeliningB. LiAssigned
RTL Accurate Soft-Error Vulnerability Assessment for RISC-V based Pulpino-SoCU. SharifJohannes Geier, Soyed Tuhin
On-Chip Aging Sensors to Monitor NBTI Effect in Nano-Scale SRAMA. ListlShreyas Nittur Prasannakumar
Partial Reconfiguration of Runtime Monitors on FPGAsM. MettlerWaqas Ahsan
Runtime Verification of Power and Temperature RequirementsM. MettlerPatrick Dietl
Improve Source-Binary Mapping for Host-Compiled Simula- tion with OptimizationsR. StahlAyush Patel
RTL Register Interface Generation for Optimized HW/SW-InterfacesR. StahlJawad Tariq
Crosstalk- and Thermal-Aware Router Design for Wavelength-Routed Optical NoCsT.-M. TsengAbhinay Manandhar
Drying Time Minimization of Inkjet-Printed Design PatternsT.-M. TsengMeng Lian
Prototype Development of a Portable Computer-Controlled Microfluidic Device Using 3D-Printed BiochipsT.-M. TsengYushen Zhang
Switch Design for Microfluidic Large-Scale IntegrationT.-M. TsengYanlu Ma
Control flow protection in embedded SWU. SharifAnindya Bhattacharya
Fault-Tolerant Routing of Barcoding Droplets in Single-Cell Analysis Using Fully Programmable Valve ArraysY. MoradiPreetha Palanivel