Themen im Rahmen der Forschungspraxis des Masterstudiengangs Elektro- und Informationstechnik mit einer vorgesehenen Dauer von 9 Wochen.

Angebotene Arbeiten

Sign-off timing verificationH. Gräb
Development of a Tool for the Definition and Visualization of Runtime RequirementsM. Mettler
Reliability-Aware Dynamic Routing for Sample Barcoding in Single-Cell Analysis Y. Moradi
Control layer optimization for flow-based microfluidic routing fabricY. Moradi
Testing Transposer-Based Microfluidic Routing FabricY. Moradi

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In Bearbeitung

Implementation of the EKV transistor model in an automatic initial sizing tool for analog circuitsI. AbelDeyan Wang
FPGA Implemention of a Bistable-Ring PUF with Layout ConstraintsF. BurceaSoyed Tuhin Ahmed
Emulation of an ASIC Power, Temperature and Aging Monitor System for FPGA PrototypingA. ListlArooj Asif
Simultaneous Placement and Routing for Analog Circuit LayoutP. ChouSteffen Schlienz
Design Space Exploration Considering MRR On/Off Feature for ONoCsT.-M. TsengSubarnaduti Paul
Simulation-Based Layout Optimization for Microfluidic BiochipsT.-M. Tseng-, Nikhil