Third International Workshop on
Cross-layer Resiliency (IWCR 2015)
Munich, July 20-21, 2015


Technische Universität München (TUM),
Arcisstraße 21,
80333 München


  • Presentations and Poster discussions will take place in room 2999. You can find the location of the room on the campus overview:
    Room 2999
  • Lunch will take place in room 4905. You can find the location of the room on the campus overview:
    Room 4905

Getting to Munich from the airport

From Munich airport you can take either S8 (30 mins to Ostbahnhof, 40 mins. to Hauptbahnhof), or S1 (40 mins to Hauptbahnhof, 50 mins to Ostbahnhof). Both run every 20 mins. Also, for both a single journey costs EUR 10.40 (or 8 stripes on a stripe ticket). Depending on your further travels, a day ticket, or a multi-day (tourist) ticket might be more advantageous. All are available from ticket machines.

Public Transportation to TUM

From Ostbahnhof (East Station) S-Bahn trains travel to Munich Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) almost every other minute (10 minute trip).
From Hauptbahnhof you can either walk to TUM in about 10-15 mins, or take a subway (U2 / U8, two stops to 'Theresienstraße'


Tickets and Fares


Depending on the zones that you have to travel: Single Ticket: 1 Zone = 2,60€ Stripe Ticket: 10 Stripes per Ticket = 12,50€ Stamp 2 Stripes per Zone! See the following link for more information: Public Transport Fares

What is S-Bahn „Stammstrecke“?

If your hotel is located at S-Bahn Stammstrecke you can take almost every train to travel between Pasing and Ostbahnhof! Be careful to change into U2(subway) to arrive at TUM!


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