Offered Theses

Implementation of the EKV transistor model in an automatic initial sizing tool for analog circuitsI. AbelAnalog EDA
Testing of different optimization algorithms for solving the initial sizing problem of analog circuitsI. AbelAnalog EDA
New ways of Detection and Handling of Soft Errors in Embedded Control SystemsD. Müller-G.High-Level Modeling
Synthesis and Critical Path Extraction of a Leon3 Processor under the impact of agingA. Listl
SystemC Modeling of Pulpino SoC PeripheralsD. Müller-G.

Just contact a research assistant, if you are interested in a topic not listed here.

Assigned Theses

Enhancing Cloud Columba (Web Design) T.-M. TsengBoning Li
Programming Language Development for Designing MicrofluidicsT.-M. TsengQingyu Li
Reliability-Aware Routing of Barcoding Droplets for Single-Cell Analysis Using Transposer-Based Microfluidic Routing FabricY. MoradiJohannes Sanwald